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 Seraphim Blueprint Energy Healing     1 hr. and up, $90/hr.  
Experience the clarity and power of Seraphim Blueprint, a system of attunements and healing energy that connects us with divine consciousness.  Practitioners are empowered to channel specific life force and harmonizing energies from the angelic realm; set up healing/clearing energetic grids in homes and other locations, and energize crystals for your personal use in healing or meditation.  Sessions can be hands-on or without touch, in-person or distance work.  Seraphim Blueprint enhances the effects of other healing modalities and is a natural complement to massage and Reiki.  For focused treatment of a specific health issue, it is recommended to receive 7 sessions, each a week apart.  

Chakra Balancing     1 hr., $90  
The chakras are energy centers located at specific points on (and through) the body.  They are like gateways of information through which we receive and share information about the world around us, as well as our personal world within.  When your chakras are clear and balanced, you feel better, you're healthier, and you have more physical energy at your disposal.  According to energy medicine expert Donna Eden, this is one of the most effective and vital things you can do to protect and maintain good health. The treatment includes reintegration with Reiki.

Reiki     1 hr., $90 
I'm certified to practice and teach four modalities of Reiki.  As a Usui, Karuna®, and Sekhem Seichim Reiki Master Teacher and Gendai Reiki Shihan, I love this healing modality which, like all of those in my practice, supports the client's own innate ability to return to homeostasis, or balance.  Reiki works on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, to gently remove blockages to our progress, relieve tension and stress, and raise our energy levels.  A Reiki session can bring a sense of peace and respite from all the cares of the world outside.

Distance Reiki     30 min. and up, $45 per half hour
Advanced Reiki practitioners are taught to send Reiki over any distance.  Because it is a form of energy as quantum physics describes, it is indeed possible to transmit this healing energy successfully.  Clients call or email me to set up the appointment in advance and the session takes place at an agreed-upon time.  Generally, I ask that the client go to a quiet place and relax as much as possible a few minutes before scheduled.  Bedtime is ideal.  Successful results have been obtained with this modality for pain relief, stress relief, and insomnia. Studies have shown that prayer has a healing, comforting effect.  My practice of distance Reiki is a like a form of healing prayer and blessing, directed with the intention of highest good to the recipient. 

Lomilomi massage     1 hr. $90; 2 hours, $180 
As taught by my wonderful teachers, Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim, Kumu Karen Leialoha Carroll, and Kumus Jairo and Dennis of Sacred Bodywork, lomilomi is a very special experience that nurtures and liberates us on all levels of being, from physical to spiritual.  I offer two different versions to meet your needs. In the 1-hour session, clients remain clothed except for the lower legs and feet, and the work that's done from head to toe creates space and relaxation in the physical body.  In the 2-hour session, a full-body aromatherapy massage with flowing forearm strokes connects the entire body and overwhelms the senses, lulling you into a space of transcendent peace.

Myofascial massage     1 hr. and up, $90/hr. 
The most therapeutic modality of massage.  Slow, sinking, gentle pressure to encourage the fascia, or connective tissue, to release internal adhesions and achieve better function and circulation.  Also extremely relaxing and pleasant to receive.  One client said she felt as if she were "floating on clouds."  This is not deep tissue massage.  My clients and I find that goals can be reached in ease and comfort, without the deep tissue hangover the next day.

Crystal healing          1 hr. and up, $90/hr. 
With advance notice, crystals charged with Reiki or Seraphim Blueprint energies are intuitively chosen from my extensive personal collection in support of your session goals.   

Raindrop Technique          2 hrs, $177
Deeply therapeutic combination of massage and a special protocol of Young Living Essential Oils to assist with pain relief, relaxation, and to ease emotional stress.  Includes a hot towel treatment and massage of the back.  Great for hitting the reset button when going through transitions, providing physical and emotional support.  The oils are antibacterial, antiviral, and of a high vibration.  A powerful, natural way to detox. 
The Reconnection®          $333
Once-in-a-lifetime attunement process to the Reconnective Healing energies, conducted over a period of two days.  As a practitioner, The Reconnection is always a profound experience to give, and one that clients often say is like nothing they have experienced before.   One said she had suffered a hearing loss 40 years ago, but after the Reconnection, hearing in that ear was noticeably improved.  Another mentioned that while on the table, he experienced "the easiest breathing I've ever had in my life."  Receiving The Reconnection is also a prerequisite for taking the advanced class in Reconnective Healing.  Clients may choose to have one or more Reconnective Healing sessions to explore the modality before deciding whether to have The Reconnection.   For more information, see www.TheReconnection.com.

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